Easily turning offline data into timely online insights


Advantages and benefits

Automates 7 out of 8 steps in the data collection process

access timely online reports.

Increases productivity, quality, and saves money

by eliminating rework.

Works without internet connection

reports sync automatically.

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What our users Say

Hector Diaz
"With Eskuad we have better control and can see where the team is located, and know how much they’ve worked. With this information we can calculate performance, generate reports and make our work easier”
Carlos Cantergiani
"This software has helped us a lot! I just digit, and go back home, that's it! I don't need to deliver stuff"
Cristian Durán
“We originally selected Eskuad to eliminate paper, digitize our data and reduce transcription problems. Once we implemented the system, we realized we could also use it to measure and manage employee productivity, data quality and the safety of our field teams. Eskuad is easy for our whole team to use and has become our most valuable tool for field operations.”

Some of the companies that experienced our service

How it works

All your KPIs in one screen.
Built for you,
built for the field!

Get up and running in a few days.

Arm your field service team with everything they need using our field-friendly app, making collaboration between field teams, management and office support teams easy and efficient.

Save 25%

Weighted average time

7 of 8 steps

Automates 7 steps on their processes

1 day

Get instant reports for decision making

Easy to Use

Built with field workers

Quality and Support

We handle the task management problems of companies. And our team continues to improve the software, through 24/7 access and an after sales service finding problems and visiting users to continue improving the operation processes of your company, creating and promoting better communication between the administration and the team.

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