Forestal Arauco Zona Sur

Eskuad adapted for complex fields and forestry tasks.
Forestal Arauco Zona Sur is a company of Chilean capitals, which operates in the areas of Temuco, Mariquina, Loncoche, Valdivia, Los Lagos and Osorno, mainly in preparation, afforestation, maintenance and harvesting of forests. According to Arauco's corporate vision, a process is generated in which a lean management of all processes is carried out, giving rise to the birth of lean boards. Until August 2015, under the office of forest patrimony this was complex and uncomfortable, given that a large part of its processes are carried out in properties whose connectivity conditions are of low quality, this includes roads, mobile phone networks, data and radios. Having daily reports of the progress of the tasks on the field implies that the team leaders take note of the data in a notebook, then perform calculations during the workday, in which they must also be aware of the risks of accidents that are present in at all times during a forestry operation. This is why the calculations usually contain errors. On the other hand, writing and reading errors are added, because the calculations are manual and, then, the results are entered in two types of forms, one for the contractor and one for the manager.
Paying attention to this process, it can be noted that there is a great burden, not only of work, but also of responsibility that falls to the team leaders of contractor companies, because they should not only take over the operation, but also monitor their teams, avoid accidents and also measure progress, calculate the necessary data for their direct managers and area managers, ensuring that these data are reliable because they give rise to salary payments for their team mates. The following problem arises at the moment when these data, already calculated, must be sent. Ideally, this should occur within the same day the operation is performed. Ingeniously, team leaders and their bosses use instant messaging applications to send the information. However, these applications are unsafe regarding the sending and backup of the information, in addition the format chosen for sending data was through photographs, thus generating another point of possible errors, having to read the letter of each team leader and then rewrite the data in spreadsheet files
Finally, this data is aggregated and compared. To avoid these possibly poorly written data problems, the manager decided to develop a solution that would allow them to obtain the reports more quickly and reliably.
During the solution evaluation period, Mobki introduced Eskuad (which at that time was known as Mytim). This solution was quite close to what Arauco required, however there were several challenges. These had to do with the understanding of the forestry business, its dynamics and involved actors, as well as technological challenges in relation to the adverse operating conditions required. In order to face these challenges, Mobki's team put on safety shoes, helmets and equipped with their tools to document the entire fieldwork experience. This allowed experts in design, management models and neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology, to understand the context and to find revelations of opportunity that would allow to transform the solution from a "within the city solution" to an off the grid and forest solution. After a few months of joint work with Arauco staff and their contractors, the first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was put into operation. The reception by the teams was not free from insecurities and setbacks, but the teamwork, with the users involved and our change management model, allowed an evolution of the system and users to generate a solution, fast, comfortable, simple and reliable that allows to generate tasks, control them and support subsequent audits, allowing to carry out a lean management of forest processes.

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