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How do we help our clients?


Eskuad is not only a SaaS solution, is technology, innovation, and a committed and motivated team, what we do is create solutions on daily basis in order to improve the productive processes of our clients.
Everything started when a company's manager had serious communication and control issues with his field team and his contractors, he used to take a long time to receive the required information to create reports and calculation sheets. Those used to be made by hand, and everyone, from the administration to the people on the field, used to waste a lot of time and they were used to make mistakes, generating problems with the payment process, affecting their employees and their clients, because of their slow processes.

In that moment Eskuad came into action, and not only offered an standard software. With the Eskuad's team on the field, the users worked alongside with them, carefully paying attention to the users needs and with that in mind Eskuad was personalized, with a simple and user friendly design, allowing them to create automated reports, calculating effectively worked hours, and more. The personalized service takes care of training users, and answering their doubts.

This solution takes care of every field management problems the company had. And the Eskuad's team keeps improving the Software, finding problems and visiting the users, in order to keep improving the productive processes of the company, and creating a better communication between the administration and the team on the field.


Industries in which Eskuad operates



Each task that are necessary to establish, plant, manage and protect the forest, and the administration processes that support those tasks can be improved by boosting the field management processes.


The field workers are in charge of measuring the terrain before and during the advance of the work. Eskuad allows them to decrease the amount of time they need to inform those measures. That is one the main issues in this industry because that information allows the administrators to estimate the supplies needed.


This sector involves the network maintenance which needs an agile communication between the team on the field and the center of operations because they need to test the network supply instantly, while sending productivity reports.

Maintenance Services

They need to offer complex reports to their clients as fast as they can while keeping the reliability of them. That involves an amount of time that goes from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the type of service. Eskuad automatizes those reports improving the productivity up to 20 times.

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