Advantages of Eskuad

  • It works without internet access

    Use the app wherever, type data and don't bother if you don't have internet access, the data will be saved and sent as soon as you have network access.
  • 24/7 reports cloud based services.

    Get reports, verify data whenever, thanks to the cloud based service that offers all the information whenever and wherever, build automated reports or ask for personalized ones according to your organization and team.
  • Reliable Reports 24/7

    Calculate worked hours, salaries, lunch times, extra times, and even used supplies at work instantly and automatically, with reliable calculations whenever without worrying about making mistakes. Deliver the proper information to your clients and teams.
  • Simple Design

    We analyzed users on the field and at factories, we discovered their level of knowledge about technology and we built a UI design and improved constantly for our users and clients. Our goal is to solve our clients and users problems in an intuitive and simpler way.

Eskuad Benefits

This is what our clients get when they try our service.