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Breakout sessions are still necessary to discuss the process or design of a product

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The creation of a product and its design is a process that as a team seeks a common result. There are several methods and stages to create a product or service that satisfies the needs of the market. From the beginning you need an idea and then evaluate the feasibility and how it can be applied to the business world. When working in a team, discussion and debate of ideas is necessary to achieve the objective and for each member to contribute to its development.

The creation and design of a product requires a creative process that is part of a system of cognitive processes that encompasses several capacities. The incorporation of these all, brings the creation of something and to make that possible is necessary the contribution of every member of the team from their own expertise and capabilities.

For creating, communication and work sessions are of vital importance, which, even with the creation of new technologies and techniques, keeps having the same base and operation. For this, you can opt for telematic or face-to-face meetings; each of these modalities has its pros and cons and knowing which one to choose is vitally important.

On the one hand, face-to-face work sessions are ideal for interacting with the team in a tangible way; being in a shared place allows a collaborative discussion, in addition to strengthening the ties between the members. It also gives space to a more constructivist work, learning by doing and mutual and comprehensive support in all the areas in which each one can contribute.

On the other hand, the telematic mode, be it by video call or the classic by voice, is faster and more practical, It allows the assignment of tasks and individual work that must then be complemented with the contribution that everyone has made. They are ideal for getting organized and assigning tasks quickly and conveniently. In a pandemic, obviously being physically is complicated and risky, however, it is getting closer and closer to being able to return to this modality with more tranquility.

There is no reason to choose between one and the other, the recommendation is to combine them and get the best of each one.

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