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We are Eskuad, simplifying teamwork

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Eskuad is a company specialized in data collection processes in the field; automates processes saving time and costs; improves the quality of data collected in the field and its connection with the operations centers. It also eliminates rework, improves reporting time,  and thereby the satisfaction of our clients and workers.

Our clients, who are in the forestry, maritime, automotive maintenance and winemaking areas, have achieved an average savings of 4 working days, both in times of information delivery and data collection through the Eskuad app usable on mobile phones and tablets. The app is personalized regarding the items that our clients need, in a way that makes it easier for the worker to enter information and, moreover, deliver reports instantly.

Eskuad’s SaaS service works in remote locations, without access to mobile phone signals or internet. The system allows the entry of information smoothly, storing the data and synching as soon as the signal allows it to the server. This way, the information entered does not get lost, it is entered in an orderly manner and generates reports that can be downloaded through the web platform by whoever corresponds, allowing the receipt of orderly and timely information, saving paper and energy in the process.

In addition, one of our clients serving in the maritime industry comments that he is “very happy with the delivered product. What’s offered it’s what you get. My two superiors are super happy because every week the platform shows us progress and always comes up with something new and surprises us”.

On the other hand, in the winegrowing industry they comment that “we are in high season (prior to harvesting) with security visits and stuff, so the fact of having this information entry system and, even better, delivering it organized, with sense and easy to interpret, is a tremendous help. This process would be really chaotic if we didn’t have the app. “

Eskuad is currently opening the market in the United States thanks to the ecosystem of the Tampa Bay Wave accelerator. Along with that, it’s currently participating in the Ignite program of StartUp Chile. It went through 500 startups Founder Boot Camps and The Venture City Product-lead Growth Week, and was the first selected by BLUE Institute Labs after winning Interaction Bluetech 2021 organized by Action New England, an association of New England incubators.

We simplify management of teams that perform tasks and operate in the field, we collect data where it is generated in order to transform it into information that allows decision making on time.

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