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Max Echeverría, CEO of Eskuad, motivates new suppers of Start-Up Chile’s Ignite 2

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On Thursday, July 15, 2021, the Demo Day was held with 16 accelerated companies from the Ignite program of Start-Up Chile (SUP) the leading accelerator in LATAM and among the top 10 globally. SUP is an estate public startup accelerator for high-potential entrepreneurs to expand their business nationally and internationally. In this event Eskuad was awarded as the company with the most innovative solution of the first generation.


After winning in the Ignite 1, Max Echeverría, CEO and Co-founder of Eskuad, was invited to the opening of the Ignite Program 2, wich in this second half-year, seek for other companies to show their model and have the opportunity of winning in one of the tree categories: the most investable business, the fastest growing startup and, the category that Eskuad won,  the most innovative solution.

Now as part of Ignite 1 and the StartUp Chile alumni network, Max invited the new startups and tell’em his own experience on the program, some advice and a couple of suggestions. “When we picked the speaker, the entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur, Eskuad was the right choice because we saw commitment with us and with the meetings, motivation and good reaction to our good and bad insights. Max is an entrepreneur with great motivation, highly committed to the community and with StartUp Chile”, says Macarena Gómez, SUP’s Community Affairs.


“Max wrote a preview at Medium about his experience, and that is very important to us. What you are doing now is pure pride for us, to be a real contribution and watch you guys grow, and continue to grow”, Macarenna shared with us. This is an almost perfect description of our experience with SUP Chile and Ignite. The contribution in an incredibly big amount of subjects, constant meetings and input about our way to see our business and tools and a community that can change things through technology and good ideas.That’s the kind of thing every entrepreneur needs: freedom and knowledge to make it right and wrong but never stop learning.

We know for sure this is an amazing instance and we are hugely grateful for being invited. Max, and all his team, wants to thank for the opportunity to be part of the privilege group of Start Up Chile, for choosing us as the most innovative solution and also for being selected as speaker of this endeavor. We are so glad to be part of it and hope to keep being in it.



“But, by far,  the most important thing is the people who are there to help you. That team is almost part of your own team, and with that talent and experience you can grow much faster”





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