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Thinning forest saves and bring life

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This year in Oregon, apart from being hit by a pandemic and snow storm, several forestry fires have occurred, burning everything that crosses it. Only one of them, the Bootleg fire, has burned 401.000 acres. They think the cause of this was lightning bolts, but also the dry soil and the warm environment contributes.Get the forest back is a long and expensive process and planting new trees is not recommended. One of the main characteristics between reforestation and afforestation is that reforestation consists of planting trees in areas that were previously covered with them. On the other hand, afforestation is about establishing trees in areas that naturally did not exist.


Any of these options takes time and money. The best choice in this case seems to be prevention. A team of researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) are studying a variety of techniques to help keep them from becoming monsters that threaten lives and communities. Not always a fire can be prevented, but it can be easily treated. For years there has been a debate about whether mechanical thinning or prescribed burns are more effective. The answer they believe is a combination of the two. First, use a device like a fella-buncher or cut-to-length harvester to think of the forest. After that use prescribed burns over a period of years.


“Some studies have even suggested that thinning without prescribed fire can increase wildfire severity by adding to the buildup of fine fuels on the forest floor”, said James Johnston, leader of the OSU research team. Nevertheless, thinning not only helps to avoid damages of fire, but also brings life to the forest, making it possible for them to grow and get more light and minerals.


Thinning consists of extracting the plants that are left over from our growing area once the seeds have germinated. To do this, you must first choose the plants that have developed the best, since they will be the ones that have the best chance of growing healthy and strong. Thinning of fruit trees, although it may not seem like it, is a benefit for the plant. There are trees that produce too much fruit. If we allow everything to ripen, the fruits will be small, of poor quality and not very nutritious.


When we talk about the forest, things are different. Is not as simple as thinning a garden, there’re acres that need treatment. For this work, you need a squad, and to make it right, you need Eskuad. The app will allow you to assign tasks, know what everyone is doing and have as an additional tool only your mobile, no paper nor pencil needed for filling files, everything gets done in the cell phone. It’ll make the work easier, cheaper and faster, and you will be saving a forest or having the most sweet fruits.

We simplify management of teams that perform tasks and operate in the field, we collect data where it is generated in order to transform it into information that allows decision making on time.

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