Eskuad lets Natural Resources Companies -forestry, marine, agriculture- have better visibility into their operations by providing tools to enable easy data collection by their field workers, even while disconnected.

Through a user-friendly interface, we support in a flexible way, people’s work, making sure of being a contribution even when they don’t have internet service, with simplicity and speed to be available, regardless of the size of the company, its revenue volume or geographical scope.

We simplify management of teams that perform tasks and operate in the field, we collect data where it is generated in order to transform it into information that allows decision making on time.

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Eskuad can be used in any field operation, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Our technology syncs with our cloud environment when it receives a weak signal and data is ready for decisions and reports.

We know than the tech ecosystem sometimes it`s hard to understand.

That`s why we can helps with your digital transformation process and provide a guide to optimize your field squads by the HR maintenance (certifications, time off, vacations), task managment, field task following, task assigment, user profile management, polygon`s generation and much more.

We currently accept payments with credit cards over Stripe. We also accept wire transfers to our Silicon Valley Bank account.

A “SaaS Services Agreement” must be signed which commits both the company and the client to the provision of the service and its payment, respectively.

Prices does`t vary by user/month; The price for the use of the Application it`s according plans and features.

To download the application has no cost, the cost is for the user subscription.

Currently the application is downloadable in play store exclusively for Android.

To obtain more information or request our services, please contact us through our email contacto@eskuad.com where we will answer shortly.

Not yet, we are working on that.

No, to download the app is free. You just pay for the user access.

Eskuad has reports that are included as a basic feature. We have standardized formats, but if personalized reports are requested they will have additional costs which will be evaluated at the time of the order.

Yes, after the purchase we monitor the operation of the application in the client’s systems, carry out maintenance and resolve questions they may have.

In the most of the cases, may be because que internet conection it’s very poor. If this happens, you may try selecting the ”synchronize option”.

This feature are up of the screen, in the area who allows to update the current tasks (slide the home screen, to the right side). In this step it is mandatory to have an able internet connection to receive or send information.

If this does’t work, you may try clearing cookies/cache. If doing this you can’t still have your tasks updated, contact our customer service to check the situation.

One of the reasons that the PDF backup reports are not sent it’s may be the lack on the internet signal (or weak signal) that you are getting up on your mobile device.
Eskuad works offline, but need a little bit of signal for syncronize the info who will generate the reports.

At the same time, make sure that Eskuad application is has been updated.

We always says yes to that. As long as there is an update for the app, it is highly recommended to keep it updated.

We work hard every day to give you the best experience, that means than we do continuous deployment to add new features.

You always can update manually or setup your device for automatic and continous updates.

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To use Eskuad, the access that it will depend on the type of user (mobile / web):

  1. Mobile Users: These are the users who will record the get the information on their mobile device (Phone/Tablet) in order to access the application, they must first download it from the PlayStore.
  2. Web Users: They are the users in charge of assigning activities and downloading reports, they must access Eskuad from a browser at the following link: https://portal.eskuad.com/login

No, you can use the application from anywhere. The information will be saved and will be sent when connected to a network.

If you are experiencing any problem with the app, you should contact your company’s system administrator, who will contact us and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The minimum requirements to be able to use Eskuad on your phone or Tablet is to have an Android 7.0 device with 2GB of RAM at least.

For use the Eskuad web service platform, you can use any computer with internet conection. Just you must have any web browser already installed and working. We recomend use Chrome Browser for best performance.

No, it can not be done, a picture should be taken with the app.

No, the account is designed to be used by only one device at a time.

You have to contact your company’s system administrator, so he can set you up again in the new device.

No, they are set up differently.

No, the app is not asking for GPS all the time, it only does it when is needed for a specific event, such as starting a task or finishing it.

No, you can’t send or receive information until you have internet access. But you can still work with the data stored in your device, and once you finish, your work will be saved locally and updated as soon as the device gets internet access.

You must update the data needed for the task, before you arrive to the mentioned place, and then you won’t have any trouble.

No, Eskuad only needs some kilobytes.

You must click on “Recover Password”, if you still have any problem, you must contact your company’s system administrator.

No at the first time. Evey login belongs to a single user and it is linked with just one mobile device.

In case that you need login in another device because, by example, you lose it or have low battery and want to enter your information on another device, you must ask to the administrator or manager of Eskuad web panel to release your user.

It’s needed go to admin panel and click in “Mobile User” and select the user who wants to release. By this way, you can use your login info in another mobile device.

Here the link: https://portal.eskuad.com/login

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