Industries in which Eskuad operates



Every task necessary to establish, plant, manage and protect the forest, and the administrative processes that support those tasks, can be improved, by using our technology for the task management process.


Field workers are responsible for measuring the surface properties before and while the building process is done. Eskuad allows them to reduce the time needed to report these metrics. That is one of the main problems of this industry because the information allows administrators to estimate the required supply.


This sector involves the maintenance of networks, which requires agile communication between the field team and the operations center, because they must test the network supply instantly, while sending productivity reports.


These companies offer complex reports to their clients, as quickly as possible, while maintaining their reliability. This involves a large amount of time that can range from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the type of service. Eskuad automates those reports saving up to 4 weeks.

Quality and Support

We handle the task management problems of companies. And our team continues to improve the software, through 24/7 access and an after sales service finding problems and visiting users to continue improving the operation processes of your company, creating and promoting better communication between the administration and the team.

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